RandomDesign is a creative community founded by the German artist Stefan Ulrich – random2k4 – in 2014. We want to share our passion for art and like to exchange experience in using diverse materials and techniques to celebrate a new age of art design.


I’m a 30-year-old artist from Germany. As RandomDesign I realized several creative projects during the last years. I started my work focusing mainly on prop making for cosplay and small film productions. I like to build armors and weapons, but I’m also designing accessories and stage requisites. Besides prop making, I try to realize projects in other areas and thereby, I gained many experiences in working with various materials. In tutorials and workshops I’m always trying to hand this knowledge over to others interested in alternative materials. Since 2014, I am active in case modding which has become a growing focus of my work. Experimenting with diverse materials and techniques broadens my knowledge in the field of crafting. Another priority of my work lays on 3D modeling and animation. I’m continuously looking for new projects challenging and improving my handicraft skills. So, if you have any wishes or ideas and you don’t know, how to realize them, maybe you can hire… RandomDesign


About Kathrin_1Kathrin

At RandomDesign I’m mainly responsible for putting a spotlight on Random’s art work ‘cause I’m producing the videos. I additionally like to make movies of conventions or exhibitions to give an insight in the respective field of art and show the amazing work also of other artists. In costume making, I’m taking charge of the sewing part. I already gained experiences by working with various fabrics – from thin, sensitive ones like tulle to thick, robust material as leather for instance. Besides, I’m painting. Most of my artworks were made with acryl colors, but I’m playing around also with different dyes and coloring techniques. I generally love crafting and like to adopt things of daily use as unconventional solutions for project-specific issues.