Costumes and props
We build props, accessories, and gadgets on demand for individual costumes, movie productions, and promotions. Considering your personal need and the purpose of your item, we will decide on

– Materials
– Light effects and moving devices
– Painting and weathering

Case mod
We build unique and outstanding computers with eye-catching features and gadgets for private clients as well as product promotions, show-casing hardware at on-site events, promotion of movies and computer games. Depending on your demand, we will use the hardware provided by you, but offer also to arrange required items in collaboration with our official sponsors.

3D Design and printing
We print your prop! For 3D prints, we offer four processing steps at which you can receive your prop. So, you can choose which one would fit your personal needs best.

  1. Making a customized 3D model (alternatively, you can provide a 3D template that we print)
  2. 3D printing of your item: Get the prop as it comes from the printer without any processing
  3. Processing the 3D print, including sanding, assembly, and priming: Get a ready-to-paint prop
  4. Painting and weathering of the prop: Get a high-quality, finished prop

We also offer a variety of workshops to share our crafting experiences and knowhow with you and to directly answer questions on specific subjects. For every workshop, we will bring hands-on examples of our most recent projects and provide all materials required for demonstrations. In accordance to your event schedule and the number of participants, we can adjust duration and content.

  • From Alginat to Worbla: Safe use of common prop making materials
  • Print Your Prop: Introduction into 3D-design and printing
  • Stay Cool: How to build a custom water cooling
  • Photography?

Live modding/crafting
You can book us also for on-site events to build props or case mods live on stage or together with audiences. Considering your event schedule and context, we will establish an individual and entertaining project plan that features your product of interest and puts it into spot light.


You can contact us via email: ulrich@random2k4design.com, or just use the contact form below.


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